shopping. goose rocks beach. portland

So I went to the grocery store with my cousin Chris this morning. Post Selects are my favorite kinds of cereal, especially Blueberry Morning, which has disappeared from shelves in MD.

I just thought it was funny seeing "warm beer" as a category.

This is me on the beach.

A View of Goose Rocks Beach.

A sweet beachside house. nbd

This is dedicated to my dear friend Joy...from our trip to Portland this evening.

Some fiery dude.

Saw this poster in a burrito place. Reminded me of something that would

come straight out of D. B.'s warped artistic (genius) vision.


Joy said...

ha! thanks g. i like you. don't know why, but i like you.

Elli said...

i can see why you like it up there

Elli said...

also, i love blueberry morning! but totally forgot about it