some artwork

Here's some old artwork that helped me get into studio junior year...and some lyrics to a song i've been digging.

I'm put together beautifully.
Big wet bottle in my fist. Big wet rose in my teeth.
I'm a perfect piece of ass.
Like every Californian. So tall I take over the street.
With highbeams shining up my back. A wingspan unbelievable.
I'm a festival. I'm a parade.
And all the wine is all for me.
I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls.
God is on my side. Cuz I'm the child bride.
I'm so sorry but the motorcade will have to go around me this time.
Cuz God is on my side. And I'm the child bride.
And all the wine is all for me.
I'm in a state. I'm in a state.
Nothing can touch us my love.


Mason said...

so these drawings are to blame for the hell we have endured?

Noriko said...

awww...MASON, COME TO PHILLY. you'll feel better.

Noriko said...

You too Gordon.

Lanny said...

can i come too

Gordon said...

i'm not going if lanny's going

charlie said...

i'll go with lanny and mason.

Gordon said...

i'm DEF not going if charlie's going

Everett said...

hell is a cakewalk compared to philly mason. theyll tear you to pieces and eat you alive. dont go.

charlie said...

I'll protect Mason when we go.

I am his guarding angel.

Noriko said...

Be quiet Dan B. you know you want to come to philly too!

....come to philly.

come to philly, ALL of you!